Saturday, April 15, 2006

John Peel, Radio 1, 29th. January 2002

With Sheila @ Peel Acres

Featuring Mr. Bird in session.

The Perfumed Garden selection in this show is Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. (N.B. I'm missing the two shows broadcast on 23rd. & 24th. January 2002. Anyone have them?)

Download (110Mb, 128Kbps, 2:00:30)
(Bit of a stuttering start, and cuts out slightly before the end.)


Sunday, April 09, 2006

John Peel, Radio 1, 22nd. January 2002

Storming it at Fabric, 2002 (© BBC)

Featuring Buick 6 in session.

In this show, Peelie starts a 'Perfumed Garden' spot, which involves him playing a record a night from his famous final 5½-hour final Perfumed Garden show on Radio London, back in August of 1967. The idea had formed when a listener sent him a magazine article which detailed the tracklisting from the show. (This was probably the article from Mojo 7 in 1994, which we now know contained a couple of inaccuracies.)

So, Peel kicks off the spot with his old theme song, The Attack's Any More Than I Do (having skipped the first couple of Beatles tracks on the grounds of over-familiarity).

Interestingly (at least for anoraks such as your truly), anyone who's heard that Perfumed Garden show can solve what Peel describes in this show as one of the great mysteries of his life, namely why the name "Georgina Witney" was written on the sleeve of his copy of The Attack record. Way back on the pirate ship, Peel had dedicated the record to Georgina Witney and (presumably) her husband Tony, having met them on the train back to Ipswich the previous evening.

(N.B. At the time of writing, the final Perfumed Garden show was still being seeded at The Pirate Bay, here.)

Download (WMA, 110Mb, 128K, 2:00:09)


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Yes, it's yet another John Peel tape blog...

"John Peel's the most important DJ of all time"
-- Jack White

Following dubster's recent decision to take a sabbatical from posting up old Peel shows, I thought I'd give it a go myself. So, let's kick off with the 1983 Festive 50. You may have missed this one, as it was one of the last things dubster posted up.

Part 1: 50 to 28 (128K, 95Mb, 01:43:50)

Part 2: 27 to 1 (128K, 115Mb, 02:06:16)


More to follow, and if you've any old Peel shows yourself, let me know and I'll post 'em up.