Sunday, June 04, 2006

John Peel's Night Ride, 1st. May 1968

Peelie on Night Ride, 1968

Apologies for not posting anything for a month or so, but here's a vintage show to get the ball rolling again.

Many thanks to Colin Ellis for this sending me this, and to Monni for recording the show!


Featuring poet Alan Jackson and singer/guitarist Davey Graham in session.

Encoding: MP3, 192Kbps.
Duration: 55:40.

  • The Misunderstood - Who Do You Love?
  • Peel chat
  • Davey Graham - Bruton Town
  • Peel chats with Davey Graham
  • The Reverend A Johnson - God Don't Like It
  • Alan Jackson - Out Here Now
  • Davey Graham - Tristano
  • Peel chat
  • The United States of America - The Cloud Song
  • Archive Music - The Priest Who Committed Suicide
  • Peel chat
  • Davey Graham - I'm Ready
  • Peel chats with Davey Graham
  • Little Son Jackson - Roberta Blues
  • Peel chats with Alan Jackson
  • Alan Jackson - Lord Save Us - The Devil - The Worstest Beast
  • Alan Sondheim - 770
  • Davey Graham - Rock Me
  • Peel chats with Alan Jackson
  • Donovan - Epistle To Derroll
  • Davey Graham - Good Morning Blues
  • Peel wraps up
Download (76.5Mb)


domestic empire said...

Always sounds very strange to hear Peelie in these early years. Good upload :)

Mark Pavey said...

I am DG's manager could you contact me about this, I think he would love to hear it on cd.
my email is
Mark Pavey

martinw said...

And another person on this broadcast is Alan Sondheim, the American poet-performance artist who I happened to be in Internet contact with him on another list. He listened to this and found it fascinating. It's a small world

DuffPaddy said...

A small world indeed, Martin. It's great to see that this upload has sparked interest amongst some of the artists that were featured on the show. One in the eye for the "internet downloads are killing music" school of thought, I reckon. For example, I had never even heard of Davey Graham before Colin sent me this show (shame on me), and having heard it I'm definitely going to be investigating what Davey stuff is out there to buy now.

Credit for preserving this show goes to Monni and her reel-to-reel tape deck. If you have Margrave of the Marshes on your bookshelf, look her up in the index.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this.

DJ Solid Snail said...

Is there any chance of re-sharing this one, Mr. DuffPaddy?