Sunday, June 03, 2007

John Walters - Room 101 - 4th. September 1992

Peel, Walters and some wee lass

No Peel site worth its bytes could fail to mention the massive contribution made to JP's legacy by his great friend and long-time producer John Walters. If you're unaware of the importance of Walters in Peel's life, you could do a lot worse than peruse this article, which also concentrates on Beefheart.

Here, Walters can be heard opposite Nick Hancock on the original radio version of Room 101, a show where guests would argue why their least favourite things in life deserved to be banished forever. Peel would appear on the show over a decade later, by which time it had moved to television and was being hosted by Paul Merton. If I can seek it out in time, I'll upload that one next week.

Play/Download (50.5 Mb, 256Kbps, 27:36)


Clair said...

that picture makes me very happy *sniff*. John Walter's radio shows were pure delight!

Fruitier Than Thou said...

Thanks for this DP...
I like to think that Alan Price & the rest of the horn section stitched WALTERS up on "Getting Mighty Crowded"... Can't believe he fell for the "we'll fade it out / we'll lose it in the mix" chestnut... I have about another 20 or so, WALTERS conversations which I will load ASAP.. I miss him & old misery guts greatly!

Anonymous said...

THE Paul Merton ROOM 101... R.I.P. JP