Friday, October 13, 2006

John Peel - Radio 1 - 25th. March 2003


This one's for Ryan, who's namechecked in this very show, and sadly lost his copy of it (and many other Peel shows) in one of those hard disk crashes that are the stuff of nightmares. Ryan's mention comes about 19 minutes in, between Blur and Adrian Sherwood. Peelie also mentions that he read out your email about Magoo the previous week, Ryan, so I'll see if I can find that show too.

That's not Ryan above, BTW. No, that surprisingly innocent-looking young chap is Billy Pollard from Toronto, AKA knifehandchop, whose mix session features in this show.

  • Mos Eisley - 'We Are Solution (CD Single)' (Beautiful Pigeon)
  • Qebo - 'Polyrtet (LP - Flopper)' (Basic Channel)
  • Amalgamated Sons Of Rest - 'Major March (LP - Amalgamated Sons Of Rest)' (Galaxia)
  • Blur - 'We've Got A File On You (7")' (White Label)
  • Adrian Sherwood - 'X-Planation (LP - Never Trust A Hippy)' (Real World)
  • The Leif Ericsson - 'Condition Minta (Split LP - The Leif Ericsson/Milloy)' (Hermit)
  • Tarwater vs. Rechenzentrum - 'Treptpow Teenage Demon (untitled sampler)' (Kitty Yo)
  • Ken Griffithin at The Organ - 'Sentimental Journey' (Broadcast)
  • Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - 'Cwpwrdd Sadwrn (LP - 20)' (Castle Music)
  • Fast Floor - 'Roll The Beats 2003 (12")' (Audio Rehab)
  • Knifehandchop - 'Mix' (Peel Session)
  • Capt Beefheart - 'Zig Zag Wanderer (LP - Zig Zag Wanderer)' (Wooden Hill)
  • The Rogers Sisters - 'Zig Zag Wanderer (cd single)' (For Us)
  • Charley Patton - 'Mississippi Bo Weavil Blues (LP - Before The Blues)' (Yazoo)
  • Sefelt - 'She's A Freak (EP-Feel)' (Demo)
  • Andy Vaz - 'White X Variation (EP -Potlatch)' (Bruchstruecke)
  • Johnny Cash - 'Five Feet High ' (CBS)
  • The Moondogs - 'Who's Gonna Tell Mary? (LP - The John Peel Sessions)' (Detour)
  • Narcosis - 'Hit It's, It's Still Moving (LP - Terrorised V21)' (Terrorizer)
  • A-Sides - 'Destroyer (12")' (Hard Leaders)
  • Keine Melodien - 'Jeans Team Feat. Peaches (LP - Get That Nasti Shit) ' (Nasti)
  • 3147487A. - 'Hexadecimal (LP - Is It...Dead?)' (Subpop)
Download (110Mb, 128K mp3, 02:00:30)


Ryan Black said...

Massive thanks for posting this, Duffpaddy.

I don't need to explain to visitors to your site how cool (and slightly surreal) it is to hear one's name mentioned by John Peel, whom we all respected so much. The fact a man so universally-worshipped as Peel would take the time to mention a scrub like me is just one more example of what made him such a great human being.

When I heard this originally I didn't even pick up on the fact that Mr. Peel said he read out my e-mail out in a previous show. If you happen to find that show I'd love to hear it, but I consider myself already in your debt for taking the time to post this (you'd potentially have to listen to 3 full shows, and I'm not sure I feel worthy of that effort on your part). If you do happen to find it and would rather not post that show as well, or if there's an easier way where I can do the utterly self-serving work of finding that other mention, shoot me an e-mail a

This knifehandchop mix rules.

Keep up the great work Duffpaddy!

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff - more please! Specially if its from 1984/85 when he played my bands single - just the once!



Anonymous said...