Sunday, November 12, 2006

John Peel - "Night Ride" - 7th. May 1969

Ivor Cutler/Bob Cobbing

To all intents and purposes, this is one of Peelie's "Night Ride" shows, featuring the usual mix of BBC archive tracks from around the world, Peel favourites from the time and of course session guests. In this case the session is from Ivor Cutler, in the very first of his many well-loved sessions for Peel over the years. Peel's other studio guest is Bob Cobbing, whose "sound poem" (with François Dufrêne) is by far the most "challenging" piece on the show. Also featured are The Who, with tracks from their recently-released "Tommy" opus, and a couple of wonderful numbers from Leonard Cohen and Louis Armstrong.

However, this is not technically a Night Ride show at all: Night Rides normally went out at midnight and featured other presenters as well as Peel. It seems that Radio 1 had a reshuffle around this time and Peel's bit of Night Ride was taken out and moved to the earlier 8:15 slot, sandwiched between "My Kind of Folk" and "Jazz Workshop". Apparently Peel referred to this short-lived show as "Son of Night Ride" (thanks to Colin Ellis for that info), and the announcer refers to this as one of John Peel's "nameless extravaganzas".

But hey! Enough of my yakkin'. Whaddaya say, let's boogie!

Download (192Kbps MP3, total time 58 mins approx.)

Wednesday, 7th. May, 1969
8:15 till 9:15

Studio Guests
Ivor Cutler, Bob Cobbing

Ivor Cutler
Recorded - 5th. May, 1969
Producer - Pete Ritzema
Engineer - Mike Harding
Studio - Studio S2, Sub-Basement, Broadcasting House

  • Leonard Cohen - A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes (from "Songs from A Room")
  • Finnish Kantele Music (BBC archives)
  • Ivor Cutler - Trouble Trouble (session)
  • The Who - Christmas (from "Tommy")
  • Ivor Cutler - An Old Poltroon (live poem)
  • Ivor Cutler - Bounce, Bounce, Bounce (session)
  • Peter Cook and Dudley Moore - The Leaping Order of Nuns (from "Not Only ... But Also")
  • The Who - Go To The Mirror (from "Tommy")
  • The Shepherd Song from Sweden (BBC archives)
  • Ivor Cutler - There And Back Via Sweden (live poem)
  • Ivor Cutler - In My Room There Sits A Box (session)
  • Peel, Ivor Cutler and Bob Cobbing - Discussion about the upcoming "poetry marathon"
  • Bob Cobbing & François Dufrêne - Spontaneous Appealinair Contemprate Apollinaire
  • Mikis Theodorakis & Maria Farandouri - O Andonis (from "The Ballad of Mauthausen")
  • Modernised Folk Song from Ceylon (BBC archives)
  • Ivor Cutler - Beatrice And Her Dirty Knees (live poem)
  • Merrill E. Moore - Rock Rockola
  • Ivor Cutler - An Indirect Love Poem (live poem)
  • Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five - Struttin' with Some Barbecue
  • Tho Who - The Overture [part of] (from "Tommy")


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This is a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very good blog and finding it, along with the awesome archives of Peel's shows, has made and exiled Englishman very happy (and I'll punch the man who says I'm not)

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A broadcast version of the 1979 Festive 50 songs 10 to 1 is available...

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Wow, many thanks! Looking forward to hearing this one.

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Hi Duffpaddy, Steve here from 'Teenage Kicks'. Thanks for the comment. I tried to download the 1983 FF tnhat you had posted, but the first doesn't exist, and the second is on Megaupload, which is in Korean and doesn't seem to want me to use it. Can you help?
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