Sunday, July 15, 2007

John Peel's Top Gear - 4th. July 1970

We fast-forward nearly a year from the previous post to mid-1970, and find music-loving Johnny Plee introducing sessions from Country Joe McDonald (right), Fotheringay and Cochise. It all gets a bit Pete Frame at this point, because Country Joe had recently stopped working with The Fish (as he told John Walters while recording the session), Fotheringay was Sandy Denny's project after leaving Fairport and Cochise are probably best known for being Mick Grabham's main band before joining Procol Harum. By coincidence, Peel even plays a Procol Harum track right before one of Cochise's session tracks. Hope you're all taking notes; there'll be a test after class.

The next upload on Kat's Karavan will be the 11th. July 1970 show (i.e. the very next show after this one), featuring sessions from Son House, Kevin Ayers and East of Eden.

Download (269Mb, 320Kbps MP3)

Further Browsing

Country Joe Session Details
Country Joe McDonald Live at Cropredy Festival on 2005-08-11
(includes a Peel mention)

  • Free - Mr. Big
  • The American Dream - Credamphels
  • Fotheringay - The Sea (session)
  • Wilbert Harrison - Blue Monday
  • Cochise - Woodland Light Irons (session)
  • The Pretty Things - Scene One/The Good Mr.Square/She Was Tall, She Was High
  • News
  • Fotheringay - The Ballad of Ned Kelly (session)
  • David Bowie - Memory of a Free Festival
  • Country Joe McDonald - Hold On It's Coming (session)
  • Country Joe McDonald - Balancing On The Edge Of Time (session)
  • Country Joe McDonald - It's So Nice To Have Love (session)
  • Country Joe McDonald - Maria (session)
  • Country Joe McDonald - Tell Me Where You're Bound (session)
  • Medicine Head - Coast To Coast (And Shore To Shore)
  • Fotheringay - Banks of The Nile (session)
  • Procol Harum - Your Own Choice
  • Cochise - Past Loves (session)
  • Wild Man Fisher - The Wild Man Fisher Story ("cadet edition")
  • Mike Cooper - Watching You Fall
  • News
  • Grateful Dead- New Speedway Boogie
  • American Tourist photo competition
  • "Disinterred 33 1/3": Soft Machine - We Did It Again
  • Fotheringay - The Way I Feel (session)
  • Cochise - Velvet Mountain (session)
  • Mississippi Fred McDowell - 61 Highway
  • Malaysian Girls - Hydro Percussion (from "John Peel's Archive Things")
  • Chickenshack - Never Ever


Larts said...

Interesting show. I have the Wild Man Fischer album in my collection and I find it very difficult to listen to - the man was mad. Peel, I seem to remember, had some problems with playing the album. He still did though. I can imagine that Zappa recorded Larry Fischer as a comment on the recording industry - I don't know whether that's why he did make the record but it seems feasible given Zappa's record.

Anonymous said...

According to Allmusic the American Dream track is called Credamphels. It's track 4 from their 1970 album "The American Dream".

DuffPaddy said...

Many thanks! Googling "American Dream" proved fruitless as it's such a common phrase. I'll update the listing.

JollyRogered said...

Any chance of re-upping this one - I seem to have missed it,
many thanks

sexy said...
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Anonymous said...

Just stumbled in to this post 6 years too late. I got The Anerican Dream LP way back in the 70s. They were from Philadelphia as I recall. The musical anoraks amongst you may want to note that it was the first LP to be produced by Todd Rungren.